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The business was started on 2009 supplying mainly basic equipments earmarked for starters. Our machines gained popularity in various industrial sectors, especially in the dairy industry. Today, we have advanced in various sectors.

We Shape the future of packaging

Global Trends Enterprises Ltd offers professional services to all kinds of machinery. Our total dedication to excellent service has over the years put us forefront as a leading supplier. The company also offers a wide range of highly reputable agency equipments.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have solutions for every packaging need. Our success is evident in our clientele. Our current market consists of rinser-filler-cappers for the dairy industry, food and beverage markets.

We also provide engineering services to local and international markets and have established international distribution network for our equipments.

We offer complete turnkey projects as well as supply of:


1 Hand sealers and foot sealers (impulse & hot bar series)
2 Band sealers /continuous sealers
3 Heat guns
4 Induction sealing machines
5 Tray wrappers / hand wrappers
6 Foil sealers
7 Cup filling and foil sealing machines
8 Strapping machines
9 Coding devices
10 Shrink tunnels / shrink wrapping machines
11 Liquid filling machines
12 Cream/ paste fillers
13 Vacuum packing machines
14 Full automatic tea bag packing machines
15 Full automatic form, fill and seal sachet packing machines for tea powder, coffee powder, sugar, salt, glucose powder, chemical powders, rice, pulses, whole spice, etc.
16 Full automatic form, fill and seal sachet packing machines for pastes such as shampoo, honey, tomato sauce, chili sauce, grease, jam, etc.
17 Full automatic form, fill and seal sachet packing machines for liquids, e.g. water, milk, oil, etc.
18 Full automatic toothpick packing machines
19 Dairy machines
20 Semi-automatic rotary indexing fillers
21 In line manual fillers
22 Piston (volumetric) fillers
23 Electronic pump fillers
24 Rotary flow meter and net weigh fillers
25 Ultra Clean extended shelf life systems
26 Rotary fillers with foil cappers, screw cappers, snap cappers, pick & place capping, glass / foil capping, combination capping (foil and screw on) and ROPP cappers
27 Bottle conveyors and elevators
28 Unscramblers for plastic bottles and caps
29 Labellers - self adhesive type
30 Bottle and cap rinsers
31 Milk dispensers (Milk ATMs)
32 Bagging machines
33 Bag closing machines
33 Capping machines


1 Puffed food (corn snacks) processing project
Produce many kinds of shapes such as round balls, rings, flowers, heart shapes, animals, alphabetic letters ABC or nos. 123, etc

2 Dairy processing project
(a) Liquid milk processing plant
(b) Milk powder plant
(c) Sweetened condensed milk plant
(d) Evaporated milk plant
(e) Malted milk plant
(f) Casein & Whey processing plant
(g) Soy milk plant
(h) Soy milk powder plant

3 Fruits & Vegetable processing project
(a) Fruit juice, Pulp and concentration plants
(b) Fruit juice powder plant
(c) Vegetable / Fruits dehydration plants
(d) Tomato Processing Plant
(e) Coconut milk processing plant

4 Other Processing projects
(a) Instant coffee plant
(b) Instant tea plant
(c) Refined iodised salt processing plant
(d) Honey processing plant
(e) Egg processing plant
(f) Coffee creamer plant
(g) Malt extract plant
(h) Starch, Glucose & Its Derivatives
(i) Spirulina Algae powder plant
(j) Detergent powder projects
(k) Gelatine processing plant
(l) Herbal extraction plant

5 Effluent Treatment projects
(a) Distillery Effluent
(b) Grain based distilleries
(c) Textile dyeing Industry
(d) Pharmaceutical & Bulk drug Industries
(e) Black Liquor from Pulp & Paper Industries
(f) Dye/Dye Intermediates Industries

6 RO mineral water plants
7 Oil extraction machines


We also offer unbeatable rates for design and printing of packaging materials and supply wide range of consumables such as:-

(a) Polythene pouches, plain and printed
(b) PE/PP strapping
(c) Stretch films
(d) Cling films
(e) Disposable paper cups
(f) Stainless steel wire-mesh
(g) Teflon cloth
(h) Induction wads
(i) Catridges for coding systems
(j) Thread cones, etc

We handle all types of glass and plastic bottles, different types of caps and provide our engineering services to milk processors, yoghurt, flavoured milk, mineral water, creams, beers, fruit juices, jam, honey, shampoo, dish washing liquids, inks, ketchups, vinegar, motor oils, edible oils, wines, spirits, cider, water, paints, etc.

By combining our own engineering designs and equipments out-sourced from agencies, we are able to provide complete solutions in packaging needs, including conveyers and line controls. The filler is the heart of the production line and must always produce at optimum. To achieve this, all equipments, upstream and downstream must be selected and engineered to keep the heart beating. A highly professional team of engineers and top agency equipment ensure our success.

Global Trends Enterprises Ltd Contact Details:


Buruburu Business Complex, Ground Floor, Unit F4 & F5

Behind Barclays & Co-operative Banks, Mumias South Road, Buruburu

P.O. Box 28696-00100
Nairobi, Kenya


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