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Craig Robertson founded Fossilcote in 2006 because he was driven by a passion for niche wall coatings and flooring solutions that would leave an impact in the construction industry and bring elegance that would leave lasting impressions.

This journey started out in South Africa but in 2010 he set out on a mission to grow to an international scale and set up shop in Uganda. He had foresight into the East African market on construction finishing to meet the growing demand from the products gaining popularity within the region.

In 2015, there was an opportunity to dominate the East African market hence the strategic move into Kenya to grow operations on the continent. The firm had a vast impact in employment creation by offering jobs to locals in their respective countries. This expansion saw an increase in volume of products being sold as well as operations in multiple countries in Africa inclusive of Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola and Zambia to mention a few. We have earned accreditations from International Building and Consultation Trade Fair and AFMASS in recognition of services offered to clients across multiple industries.

We are based in South Africa and Kenya, with offices in Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda, and operations in various parts of Africa.

We seek to answer the question of quality and innovation in the areas of flooring systems and niche wall paints and dominate in the areas of flooring systems and niche wall paints in the years to come.

Being an excellent option for concrete, our epoxy flooring will create a seamless floor coating for your needs. Whether it´s for your garages, showrooms, hospitals or manufacturing facilities, we will provide an overall durability and stability that epoxies are known for. Our team of experts is ready to install these epoxy coating systems with comprehensive strength, abrasion resistance, as well as chemical resistance properties.

While some epoxy flooring companies tend to be one-sided on certain brands, we will always provide you with only the highest standard for your epoxy flooring needs. Our honest and trustworthy craftsmen will not hesitate to recommend the best epoxy concrete floorings that best suit your needs while working within your budget.

There is no other concrete flooring company like us who understand your needs and offer you the best service in Africa.

Fossilcote Ltd Contact Details:


Dul Dul Enterprises Building J3, Sabaki, Along Mombasa Road,

Nairobi, Kenya

+254 797 367 745

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