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Agro Chemical and Food Company Ltd (ACFC) was established in 1978 to produce power alcohol from sugarcane molasses. This was to be blended with petrol to make gasohol as a national strategy for reducing foreign exchange used to purchase petroleum oil. This programme did not succeed due to non-cooperation of oil companies and the company, through research and development efforts, shifted to producing various grades of spirits and yeast.

Subsequently, the mandate of the company was changed as follows:

- To produce and sell various grades of Spirits and Yeast of very high quality from sugar cane molasses.
- To create employment and to generate economic gains for the Government and the Shareholders.

Upon inception the Company was under the Ministry of Energy, however, from 1996, the Company was placed under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Over the years, the company has faced many obstacles due to the ever-changing business environment necessitating constant modernization of technology in production process and systems.

Initially, the Company operated as a monopoly. However, over the last few years, the business environment has changed with the entry of other competitors in the same market. Arising from this and other changes both locally and globally, it has become necessary for the Company to review its business and market strategies.

The company produces its products from raw molasses procured from various sugar factories.

Our Vision is to be the global leader in the production and marketing of diversified range of quality spirits, yeast, and related products.

Our Mission is to produce and market a wide range of world class products through a cost effective innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, satisfying customer needs, maximizing shareholders returns and meeting the employee aspirations.

Agro Chemical and Food Company Ltd (ACFC) Contact Details:


P.O. Box 18-40107,
Muhoroni, Kenya


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