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EPS 3D Wall Panels at EPS 3D Panels

Added on 8/9/2019 7:20:47 AM in Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Building Products \ Building Products Expires on 08/09/2021
EPS 3D Wall Panels - Building Products - Building Products - Capital Goods - Industrials - Easy Price Book Kenya

Available from: EPS 3D Panels

Standard panel size of 1200mm (width) x 3000mm (height) x Custom Thickness in mm

Custom sizes available in 2700mm, 2400mm or as required

Electro-welded high tensile steel wire mesh on both sides of the EPS core which acts in composite with the shotcrete to perform as a stress-skin panel capable of bearing both axial and lateral wall loads

3.0mm high tensile steel wire @ 70mm spacing transversely and 2.5mm high tensile steel wire @ 100mm spacing longitudinally.

EPS density >15kg/m3

Panel weight is approximately 15kg

Max. Wall thickness of 150mm with shotcrete of 35mm on both sides

Ideal For:
Load bearing walls (internal or external) when shotcreted
Non-load bearing partition walls (internal) when plastered

Manufacturer: EPS 3D Panels

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