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EPS 3D Floor Panels at EPS 3D Panels


Standard panel size of 1200mm (width) x 3000mm (length) x Custom thickness in mm

Thickness available in 150mm, 190/200mm, 260mm, 290mm or as required / specified by the Client or his/her engineer

Electro-welded high tensile structural steel wire mesh on both sides of the EPS core for meeting requirements of BS 8110: Structural use of Concrete. Therefore, no need for specifying separate BRC mesh reinforcement

3.0mm high tensile steel wire @ 70mm spacing transversely (As=101mm2/m; fy>600N/mm2)

2.5mm high tensile steel wire @ 100mm spacing longitudinally

EPS density >15kg/m3

Manufacturer:EPS 3D Panels

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