iT-S3 Solar Home System at Qingdao iTechene Technologies Company Ltd


The iT-S3 Solar Home System is a portable and efficient solar system suitable for use in homes that do not have access to grid electricity and includes a 32 Inch TV.

The solar controller product integrates the functions of battery charging, electricity storage, night lighting, television power supply and installment payment control. The mobile phone is used to connect with the equipment via bluetooth to unlock the solar controller after making the installment payment.

Features and Accessories of the iT-S3 Solar Home System include:
• Controller - 18V, 17AH
• Solar Panel - 18V, 70W
• Two-stage light regulation LED Lamps - 4 x 2W
• Rechargeable Torch Light - 1
• Rechargeable Radio - 1
• Rechargeable LED Lighting - 1
• Multi-in-one mobile phone charging cable - 3
• 2G Phone - 1
• 32 Inch TV
• Approximate Usage Time - 8 Hours
• Approximate Battery Recharge Time - 4.4 Hours
• 3 Year Limited Warranty

Manufacturer: Qingdao ITechene Technologies Company Ltd

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