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Ololo Farm Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Ololo Farm Ltd produces Kenya s most nutrient-dense food by utilising regenerative agriculture. Ololo Farm Ltd is also a safari lodge and welcomes you to come visit the farm. Located at the southern border of Nairobi National Park Ololo Farm Ltd farms pasture-reared poultry & eggs grows mushrooms and runs an organic shamba along regenerative farming principles. As a safari lodge Ololo Farm Ltd welcomes you to visit and enjoy a delicious lunch from paddock to plate. Ololo Farm [...]


Azaavi Foods Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Azaavi Foods Ltd offers tasty organic affordable dried fruits that meet the nutritional value of its customers through quality selection consistency and supply throughout the Year. Azaavi Foods Ltd works with farmers who promote sustainable consumption practises such as organic and biological. Azaavi Foods Ltd adheres to the sustainable development goals. Azaavi Foods Ltd products include: Salted Matoke crisps Chilli Matoke crisps Mango chips &bu [...]


Butcher & Sauce Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Butcher & Sauce Ltd is a supplier of the best meat and meat products with delivery in 3 Hours. Butcher & Sauce Ltd products include: Fresh Beef Aged Beef Chicken Lamb Fish [...]


Brinkley Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Brinkley Ltd is a leading fishing and fish processing company in Kenya. At Brinkley Ltd we specialize in producing quality wild caught chilled and frozen seafood and fresh water fish from the East African region. Brinkley Ltd owns and operates fishing boats and trawlers in the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. Brinkley Ltd s EU Approved processing plant is located in Mombasa s Port district the largest port in East Africa. [...]


Cherubet Company Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Cherubet Company Ltd are providers of ready to eat healthy convenient nutritious and affordable foods. Cherubet Company Ltd is a 100% all-natural brand of convenient foods that empowers individuals to choose a healthy lifestyle. Cherubet Company Ltd foods are mainly grains and cereals that are carefully selected tested for quality and processed by boiling in treated water to attain a soft texture. The process is carried out under strict hygienic conditions using modern technolo [...]


Sereni Fries Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Sereni Fries Ltd is a privately owned company that was established in 2012 with a purpose of production and sale of potato products. Sereni Fries Ltd products are suitable for hotels and fast food restaraunts. At Sereni Fries Ltd we take pride in delivering high quality products on a timely basis. Sereni Fries Ltd s quality control starts from the selection of potatoes from panel of suppliers to manufacturing of the finished products; only the finest quality of potato varie [...]


Kenya Meat Processors Ltd (KMP) - Easy Price Book Kenya

Kenya Meat Processors Ltd (KMP) branded as KMP was incorporated in the year 2014. Kenya Meat Processors Ltd (KMP) runs three distinct but complimentary business units as follows: Poultry farming business - Kenya Meat Processors Ltd (KMP) Poultry farming business employs unique chicken rearing technology in which free range (kienyeji) and modern technics are used under trained and experienced personnel leading to superior flavored chicken and chicken products. This is a backward in [...]


Joy Millers Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Joy Millers Ltd is an established agroprocessing business operating in flour and animal feeds production and transportation. Joy Millers Ltd distributes its own Sifted and Fortified Grade 1 maize flour trading under the names Joymax and Raha Premium. As a byproduct of maize flour milling we produce a lot of Maize Germ which is very crucial in Joy Millers Ltd s animal feed processing which has a good market in the neighbouring regions. [...]


Brava Food Industries Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Brava Food Industries Ltd is a private limited Kenyan company. Brava Food Industries Ltd manufactures both carbonated and non-carbonated non-alcoholic soft drinks. Brava Food Industries Ltd s mission is to capture market share and grow profitable sales volumes by manufacturing and consistently availing high quality affordable products to satisfy and exceed our customers and consumers expectations. Brava Food Industries Ltd s aim is to be a world class provider of carbonated soft dr [...]


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Top Food East Africa Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Top Food East Africa Ltd is a well recognized spice company. Top Food East Africa Ltd manufactures the most exquisite blends of seasoning deals in spices herbs food colour and food essence. [...]


Elixir Health Food - Easy Price Book Kenya

Elixir Health Food is a health foods shop selling natural Health Food Products Gluten Free Products Supplements Homeopathy medicines Body care products Aroma oils Massagers and Cushions Sports Nutrients Herbal Teas and much more. [...]


Game Stores Kenya - Easy Price Book Kenya

Africa s Largest Discount Retailer has come to Kenya! Game is a promotionally driven discount retailer of predominantly general merchandise and non-perishable groceries for home leisure and business use. Some Game Stores also stock a select range of fresh food including fruit and vegetables pre-packed meats and pre-baked goods. Game is a subsidiary of the South African JSE listed company Massmart Holdings. Massmart is Africa s third largest distributor of consumer g [...]


Modern Commodities (Kenya) Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

We supply grains and pulses from East Africa to the rest of the World. Modern Commodities Kenya Limited seeks to fill the gap in ensuring continuous and reliable supply to meet the ever growing demand. With modern know how and embracing technology MCL-Kenya has ventured into the entire supply chain and value chain of agro business. We are focused in providing quality product to suit our customers requirements. Quality focus starts right from the procurement to the processin [...]


Reliable Food and Logistics - Easy Price Book Kenya

Reliable Food and Logistics (RFL) is a food trading company with branches in Middle East and East African. The company was first incorporated on 2nd February 2011 and has since then complied with the IFSMS and certified with ISO 22000-2005. It was established with the vision of import export of food and non-food commodities wholesale and retail to serve the Hypermarkets Supermarkets Hotels Restaurants and food caterers in the entire regions of East African cities of its coverage areas [...]


Lakhani General Suppliers Ltd (LGS) - Easy Price Book Kenya

Lakhani General Suppliers Ltd (LGS) are distributors based in Mombasa Kenya and specialising in supplying food and cleaning products to institutions hotels restaurants and catering establishments. Lakhani General Suppliers Ltd (LGS) delivers across Kenya s coast region in HORECA and delivers in wholesale and to supermarkets countrywide. [...]


Milyas - Easy Price Book Kenya

producers and marketers of flavoured popcorn [...]


Leka Dairies - Easy Price Book Kenya

dairy processor selling milk yoghurt and other milk products [...]


Lattana Dairy - Easy Price Book Kenya

dairy processor producing whole milk and yoghurt [...]


Gregos Foods Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

food processor dealing in bacon beef pork and goat burgers and sausages [...]


Verdura Groceries Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables with home delivery [...]



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