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Zenko Kenya Ltd

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Zenko Kenya Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Zenko is an established FMCG distribution company, and is one of the largest serving the Kenyan Retail market. From our central location in the Nairobi region - at Nyahera Road, Industrial Area Lunga Lunga - we import, warehouse and distribute to hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-marts and kiosks across the country.

Beginning in Eastleigh - one of Nairobi´s key business districts - as a general provision store over 30 years ago, we have since grown to become a leading distributor of consumer goods in Kenya. Our inspiration is to fulfill the trust placed in us by our clients, by the retailers and by the end-consumers.

We are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, and ensuring that they are always available & visible in all retail outlets.

Our vision is to be the regional leader in the distribution of fast moving consumer goods.

Our consistent presence in the retail field means that we are always aware of factors affecting distribution and movement of goods from source to the shopper. With speed and reliability - guided by experience - we respond to all challenges we meet. Daily improvement of our services is a strong motivation for our experienced staff. Our installed IT system ensures that all elements of our operation work in sync to deliver your products to shoppers.

Zenko´s established relationships with wholesalers, retailers and commercial outlets also facilitate monitoring of select market dynamics such as demand patterns and management of counterfeits.

Website: www.zenkokenya.com

No. 126 Lunga Lunga Road,
Nairobi, Kenya

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