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Formed in November 2000, Ultravetis Ltd is a Kenyan company that supplies farmers with veterinary, animal health and hygiene products and services, seeds, and agrochemicals.

Ultravetis Ltd's vision is to be a leader in providing innovative agro-science solutions to farmers.

Ultravetis Ltd's mission is to improve the lives of the farmer by offering high quality veterinary products and seed through collaboration with all our stakeholders.

Some of Ultravetis Ltd products include:
• Acaricides
• Dewormers
• Public hygiene
• Antibiotics
• Nutritional supplements
• Pet food
• Horticultural seeds
• Trypanocidals

Ultravetis Ltd Contact Details:

Website: ultravetis.com

Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya


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Ultravetis Ltd business areas:

Materials \ Materials \ Chemicals \ Fertilizers and Agricultural Chemicals
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors

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Easy Price Book Kenya