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The Bike Shop (Giant Bicycles Kenya)


About The Bike Shop (Giant Bicycles Kenya) ...

‚ÄčThe Bike Shop was started in late 2018 by David Carroll, a cycling enthusiast, after acquiring the Giant franchise for East Africa.

‚ÄčThe Bike Shop now imports key brands from around the world and offers an end-to-end solution for all types of cyclists:

• If you are just starting out, the team at The Bike shop can size you and offer you the most relevant bike and safety equipment
• If you are already committed, it offers accessories, parts and servicing
• It doesn´t matter what kind of bike you want to ride; The Bike Shop has solutions for you, On-Road, Off-road or X-Road, Kids and Ladies specific bikes

The Bike Shop (Giant Bicycles Kenya) Contact Details:

Website: www.bikeshop.co.ke

1st Floor, Hardy Post Building, Ushirika Road, Hardy, Nairobi, Kenya

P.O Box 15555,
Hardy, Nairobi, Kenya


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