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About Tenacity Locks Ltd ...

Tenacity Locks Ltd is a Kenyan-based company that specializes in the supply of door locks, padlocks, door closers, door hinges, door stops, door pullers and other door accessories.

Formerly a general hardware store popularly known as S.K Hardware, the business was incorporated into Tenacity Locks Ltd in November 2012 with the major aim of seeking to bridge the information and intermediary gap that exists in the market between end-users and suppliers of locks and other door accessories.

In the past, the end-users looking for locks and other door accessories have had to do so from the traditional general hardware stores leading to compromised security and wrong installations. This is due to lack of enough technical know-how by general hardware store assistants whose sole aim is to make a sale.

However, based on our experiences as locksmiths over the years even when we were operating as a general hardware, we have been able to accumulate a wide base of knowledge which we use to guide our customers on the best type of lock to purchase depending on the prevailing conditions. We endeavor to meet and surpass customer expectations by not only offering quality products and services but also through the provision of free valuable and/or priceless information and knowledge to our customers at all times.

Our Mission is to provide utmost security and peace of mind to our clients through high-security locking systems.

Our Vision is to be the leading direct importers/manufacturers and distributors of high-security locks and door solutions in East Africa by the end of year 2018.

Tenacity Locks Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.tenacitylocks.com

Lagos Road, Ground floor, Promise House (former Akamba offices), Near Marble Arch Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya


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Consumer Discretionary \ Consumer Durables and Apparel \ Household Durables \ Homebuilding
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