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About Tecaflex Ltd ...

Founded in 1984 Tecaflex is the only importer of petroleum, vegetable oils that is wholly owned and operated by indigenous Kenya´s. Our products are distributed countrywide and beyond.

Tecaflex strive to deliver better and quality service to its clientele by continually investing vital resources in its operation. One of these resources is in the staff that the we recruits and employ. Our staff are important members of the firm who undergo rigorous training and skills development in order to fulfill the commitment of better serving Tecaflex customers.

The company is located on the coastal town of Mombasa, the second major city in Kenya. It is strategically placed a few metres from Kenya Ports Authority, the main port serving East and Central regions of Africa Tecaflex is run by a team of qualified professionals - right from the board of directors to managers in various departments. The leaders´ excellence is fortified by commitment from the support staff

Tecaflex business development practice, led by a polished, experienced and well-trained team, has made the firm one of the most reliable companies in responding to unpredictable market demands in the region. The company put great value to reliable service and is always looking for the best ways to improve their products and services through working closely with the trade unions and consumers. Tecaflex growing distribution network ensures the firm of a prominent position as a household name in Kenya and the Region.

As an indigenous/local company, Tecaflex´s ultimate goal is to fulfill its clientele needs in Kenya and beyond through astute business practices and innovativeness.

Tecaflex Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.tecaflex.co.ke

Mozambique Rd, Shimanzi

P.O. Box 90787

Mombasa, Kenya

+254 (0) 41-2314069/ 2312961

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Tecaflex Ltd business areas:

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Energy \ Energy \ Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels \ Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation
Consumer Discretionary \ Retailing \ Distributors \ Distributors
Consumer Staples \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food Distributors
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