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Sunveat Foods Ltd was incorporated in August 2012 and commenced its commercial operations of manufacturing and selling of biscuits under brand "SUNVEAT" in December 2012. Over a period, Sunveat Foods Ltd have established strong manufacturing capabilities and have invested substantially in developing consumer preference for our products. Our trademark / brand "SUNVEAT" should emerge as one of the most powerful brands in the FMCG sector in coming years. Sunveat Foods Ltd is committed to invest in brands, manufacturing capabilities, deliverables and distribution strength.

Sunveat Foods Ltd has automatic Biscuit manufacturing plants located in Ruiru (Kenya). Our Plant capacities have 6,000 MT p.a., which along with strong brand building and distribution capabilities have enabled us to command a sizable market share in the biscuit market despite competition from well-established players in the industry.

Sunveat Foods Ltd want to be the pioneers in the market, where talented and dedicated employees produce high quality products.

Sunveat Foods Ltd mission is to develop and sell biscuits, wafers, candy, popcorn and crips of high quality that offers our customers a great taste experiences.

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Sunrise Synthetic Compound, Opp. BAT, Del Monte Road, Makongeni, Thika
P.O. Box 8173-01000,
Makongeni, Thika


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