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Solataa Ltd is a social enterprise seeking to create a green economy through the advocacy of solar technologies. At Solataa Ltd, we take advantage of endless hours of sunlight all year long in East Africa, to provide a solution for a man to light his house, kids to have a smoke free environment to study in and creating self-reliant energy solutions to power local economies.

At Solataa Ltd, we work with technologies that have a proven track record, that are long lasting and that provide maximum benefit to the end-user. We are constantly driven to improve customer service provision, and seek ways to deliver products at the lowest cost. Solataa Ltd is creating village level networks of entrepreneurs, who are trained in business skills to be able to achieve this. Our advocates provide on-site sale and after-sales services.

We at Solataa Ltd, also provide solar solutions to the urban market. Our back-up power systems can run on-grid and off-grid, providing a good alternative for households who would like to reduce their electricity bills.

Solataa Ltd also carries out bespoke installations for hospitals, schools and homes for solar water heating and lighting. Our Street light project, is seeking to install solar security lights to increase security and provide extended business hours for markets and town centers.

Some of the products at Solataa Ltd, include:
•Solar Lanterns
•Water Heating Systems
•Solar Street Lighting
•Solar Home Systems

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1st Floor Dolphin Building, 5 Dar es Salaam Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya


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