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Shamco Industries Ltd

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Shamco Industries Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Shamco Industries Ltd a well known and trusted name in industrial, commercial and domestic sphere in Kenya started its operation in Dar es Salaam Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi in April 1974. It has earned reputation and goodwill through its product quality and timely delivery for its customers all over Kenya and even in other African countries.

Over the years we have been responsible to develop a viable market for our range of products in and around East Africa. We developed a complete range of Hospital Furniture and Equipment that includes Standard Hospital beds, Examination couches, delivery beds, Ward screens, Stainless steel trollies, drip stands, over bed table etc. We do make office, school furniture and equipments such tables, beds, chairs, filling cabinets, stationery cupboards, desks and all type of shelving.

Our vision is to be the market leader in the manufacture of quality steel, wooden furnitures and equipments that meets the demands of the customers satisfaction at a competitive price.

We manufacture a range of furniture for schools, Offices, Hotels, and for Domestic needs like School Desks, Benches, double Decker Beds, Triple decker bed, School chairs, library shelves, bucket chairs. We do Manufacture Agricultural equipment such as Maloda. We do trade in relief items as well such as Hoes, Machetes, Axes, Pangas etc. We have designed a special range of products for our domestic furniture segment like Maridadi beds, conference chairs, camping beds, etc. We also manufacture a wide range of springs for mechanical, electrical and automotive use. We have specialized machinery for making springs and use special European music wire to make durable and cost effective springs.

Website: www.shamcoindustries.com

Dar-Es-Salaam Road, Industrial Area

Contact Details:
+254 733 994 371

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