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Servo Balans Africa Ltd is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment in Kenya. We offer a very wide range of standard scales and we are also developing advanced weighing units for a wide range of industrial sectors such as the chemical, petrochemical, foodstuffs, plastics, storage, transhipment and distribution industries and also agriculture (cattle fodder), glass manufacturing and horticulture. In addition we offer a balanced package for medical care. Servo Balans Africa also specializes in the integration of new software-driven control systems in existing equipment.

Our weighing systems - waste units, bulk scales and Big Bag installations - stand out thanks to their great accuracy and they are used in countless industries worldwide. The high quality and perfect service that we provide in this area make Servo Balans Africa a reliable partner.

Servo Balans Africa is happy to work together with its clients on their ideas. With over 75 years of experience in the field of design and manufacture of weighing systems, we know how to translate every problem into a concrete solution. Our great advantage here is that the entire production process is under our own control, so we can work flexibly. The result: a high-quality, reliable product totally tailored to the client wishes.

Our Standard Products include: Labaratory Scales; Platform Scales (up to 300kg); Cattle Weighers; Load Cells; Indicator and Controllers; Medical Baby Scales; Sewing Machines; Platform Scales (over 300kg); etc

Our Customized Products include: Bagging Weighers; Belt Weighers; Software; Drum Filling Machine; Weigh Bridges; Big Bag Filling Stations; etc

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Kenya Reinsurance Plaza, 4th Floor Kisumu
P.O. BOX 9743-40141


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