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Seedballs Kenya is a joint collaboration between Chardust Ltd and Cookswell Jikos and is involved in the production of bio-char seedballs for no-till reforestation and pasture regeneration using indigenous tree and grass species.

Together, Chardust Ltd and Cookswell Jikos have researched and developed Seedballs. Chardust is involved with manufacture and Cookswell Jikos is involved with sales, marketing and distribution.

Seedballs Kenya has pioneered a method of mass producing seedballs for low cost afforestation and efficient reintroduction of trees and grass species into degraded areas in Africa. The seedballs consist of indigenous tree seeds in a protective capsule of charcoal dust + nutritious binders. We like the idea of scattering them from aircraft, but getting them out there by car, bike or by hand will do just fine and they will patiently wait for the next rainy season to grow.

Contact Seedballs Kenya to order or enquire about customised species of tree or grass seeds or delivery details.


Farasi Lane, Lower Kabete Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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