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About Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd ...

Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd is a Kenyan registered Limited company originated from Finland, Scandinavia. Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd's passion for years has been solar power and bringing knowledge of it to wide audience. We are attracted by huge potential of solar power markets in Kenya.

Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd's mission is to spread knowledge of using Solar Home Systems (SHS). Giving an opportunity to everybody on using solar power is a long term vision. Our professional and motivated employees and high quality systems with the latest technology are the key factors for making our vision to come true.

From Solar Home Systems design and Installation services, Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd offers you all of the competitive advantages you need to Have Cost Effective Energy Solutions. Let our experience and resources drive your success.

Some of the services Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd offers include:
• Consultation Services
• Solar Home System Design
• Solar Home Systems Installation

Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd's products include:
• Solar Panels
• Solar Batteries
• Solar Charging Controllers
• Solar Water Heaters
• LED Bulbs
• Inverters

Lets light Kenya!

Scandinavian Solar Systems Ltd Contact Details:


P.O. Box 10154-00400 Nairobi, Kenya


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Easy Price Book Kenya
Easy Price Book Kenya