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Odex Chemicals Ltd


About Odex Chemicals Ltd ...

Odex Chemicals Ltd is a leading hygiene service provider for Hotels, Institutions and Food Processing Industries in East Africa. With a research and development facility, alongside a regional batching plant located in Nairobi, Odex Chemicals Ltd provides innovative and cost effective Hygiene Solutions at International Standards ISO 9001:2015.

Odex Chemicals Ltd products and services include:

• Complete laundry management solutions and detergents
• Kitchen and canteen hygiene solutions and detergents
• Room care products
• Air care products and solutions
• Personal care and hygiene products
• Workshop cleaning solutions
• Chafing fuel products and solutions
• HACCP training programmes (food safety training)
• Critical control point testing equipment
• Automation for all chemical and detergent dosing equipment Slat chain lubricants
• C.I.P detergents and sanitisers
• Bottle washer detergents
• Raw water treatment chemicals
• Processed water treatment chemicals
• Waste water treatment and chemicals
• Open plant cleaning solutions

Odex Chemicals Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.odexchemicals.com

Nairobi, Kenya


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Odex Chemicals Ltd business areas:

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Consumer Staples \ Household and Personal Products \ Personal Products \ Personal Products

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