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North Star Cooling Systems Ltd is a technically potential Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation contractors established in Nairobi and is a is a renowned name in Nairobi for their design, installation, repair, maintenance and optimization of mission critical refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Our company´s strengths venture principally on the HVAC contracting starting from domestic to large commercial Installations. Company´s directors are well experienced in HVAC Industry, technically sound and handled complex projects in Kenya, Tanzania and India.

Our company has handled various projects of different sizes and different sectors like healthcare, entertainment, government etc. We study the customer´s needs and come up with customized solution based on their specific needs. Being totally independent and impartial we can offer unbiased advice on equipment, systems and manufacturers, pointing out the pros and cons specific to your building or required application.

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P.O. Box 5085-00506,
Nairobi, Kenya


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Easy Price Book Kenya
Easy Price Book Kenya