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Kimani Coffee Experts Ltd is a Kenyan-based company that specializes in the purchasing of very healthy coffee beans from Kenyan farmers, processing them to meet global coffee standards with value addition and consequently selling the refined coffee both locally (in Kenya) and mostly to international markets.

Our coffee has been bought and appreciated by companies/citizens of South Korea, Japan, North America, Europe, and the list goes on. We have partnered with Bollore Africa Logistics Kenya, a top global logistics company to ensure our clients receive their coffee as fast as possible in the freshest state as a bare minimum threshold no matter the country they purchase from.

We have the capacity to meet your expectations, so feel free to get in touch.

Our founder, Mr. Samuel Kimani, is a certified coffee expert with over 30 years´ experience in the coffee industry at an internal coffee company. 10 years of those 30 years, he was its Quality Director.

Our coffee beans come from all over Kenya, a country famed for it´s best coffee exports used to improve the quality of other coffees from other parts of the world. Some of the counties whose farmers we buy from include Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Murang´a and Meru; basically the Central Mount Kenya and Rift-Valley areas.

We buy coffees with fruity flavors, citrus flavors and wild honey flavors all with a heavy body (chocolate) and a sharp acidity winey.

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Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya


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