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Established in 1923, Kenya Marble Quarries Ltd (KMQ) is a Kenyan manufacturer of Terrazzo Flooring, Headstones and Industrial Minerals. Kenya Marble Quarries Ltd (KMQ) holds large stocks of both locally quarried Marble and Granite Worktops.

Kenya Marble Quarries Ltd (KMQ) products include:
Granite - Granite Kitchen Countertops, Granite Worktop Fitting, Granite Staircases, Granite Headstones, Granite Staircase Treads, Granite Lift & Elevator Panel Cladding Floors, etc
Marble - Marble Staircases, Marble Vanity Worktops, Marble Headstones, etc
Terrazzo - Nonslip Terrazzo Tiles, Terrazzo Staircase Treads and Riser, Terrazzo Commercial Flooring, etc
Minerals - Agricultural Lime, Animal Feed Lime, Magnesium Fertilizer Lime, etc

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05 Kampala Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya


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