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Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) is one of the leading companies in Kenya in providing solutions to waste water management with over 8 years experience. Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) is constituted of a dedicated team of technical staff committed to offering onsite solutions to waste water problems. Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) is a key manufacturer of biological septic tanks made from highly vibrated concrete. Our key concern is that effluent from Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) bio septic tanks is eco-friendly.

Let us welcome you to the home of Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) Septic Tanks, the best dealers of environmental friendly septic / sewage disposal system through a biodegradation process. Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) tanks are rectangular in shape and made of highly vibrated concrete. They consist of body, inlet and outlet baffles. The tanks are specifically designed to be completely gravity powered and are suitable in high water table and inundating areas, they are structurally strong, water-tight, corrosion and buoyancy resistant.

Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP) vision is to be a key leader in waste water management through the design and onsite construction of our biological septic tanks.

At Kenya Cast Products Ltd (KCP), our mission is to be the market leader in design and onsite construction of reinforced concrete mono-block biological septic tanks and conserve the environment by releasing bio-degraded effluent that is within the required chemical parameters.

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P.O. Box 1606-00232
Ruiru, Kenya


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