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Giant Millers Ltd


About Giant Millers Ltd ...

Giant Millers Ltd is a modern flour milling company that processes, produces and sells maize flour.

Giant Millers Ltd are the producers and packers of the CANNA Maize Meal flour which is a brand of fortified coarsely ground flour adding character to the flour for an enjoyable meal experience.

Giant Millers Ltd Contact Details:

Website: giantmillers.co.ke


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Giant Millers Ltd business areas:

Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors
Consumer Staples \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food and Staples Retailing \ Food Distributors
Consumer Staples \ Food, Beverage and Tobacco \ Food Products \ Agricultural Products

Giant Millers Ltd in Events, Exhibitions, Shows and Conferences:

Starts: 03/18/2021
Ends: 03/20/2021
Duration: 3 days, 23 hours
2nd NMG SMEs Conference & Expo 2021 - SMEs Sustainability and Recovery - Easy Price Book Kenya