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Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL)

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Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL) - Easy Price Book Kenya

Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL) is a young company that was setup in 2015, and is already on the path to becoming a market leader in the processing of float glass. Located in the heart of Nairobi´s Industrial Area, Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL) is suited to cater for the various needs of customers.

Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL) operates an open door policy and we welcome you to meet our diverse team who have extensive years of experience in this field.

Providing quality products is a mantra that is engrained into each and every employee of Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL). We strive to seek perfection with each piece of glass that we produce. From the beginning to the end of the production chain, several measures have been put in place to achieve this excellence for the benefit of our clients.Furthermore,our quality control ensures that only products worthy of carrying the Empire brand can leave our gates.

In order to attain this level of quality, we have the right tools here at Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL). A significant amount of time has been invested into sourcing the best and most up-to-date glass processing technologies and combining them to develop our state-of-the-art processing facility. There is always room for improvement, and this is why Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL) continuously evaluates its procedures to maintain a high level of efficiency without sacrificing on quality.

At Empire Glass Industries Ltd (EGIL), we specialize in the manufacture of tempered glass and laminated glass. We are very proud as we have the unique ability to simultaneously temper and curve glasses to a specified radius.

Our mission is to become a market leader that produces superior glass which sets a new standard in quality and timely delivery, all whilst working safely, ethically and efficiently.

Our products include: Tempered Glass; Laminated Glass; Sandblasted Glass; Polished Glass; Bevelled Glass; Machined Glass; etc

Website: www.empireglass.biz

Road A, Off Enterprise Road, Nairobi, Kenya
P.O. Box 2095-00621

Contact Details:

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