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Dudutech is Africa´s leader in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with a wealth of experience in designing and delivering biological pest control solutions developed "By Growers for Growers". We research, develop and supply zero-residue biological control products for environmentally and socially intelligent farming. To further support the pest control needs of growers, we have an on-site diagnostics laboratory to accurately identify pests and a training department to promote their understanding.

Established in 2001 we have rapidly grown into a global biotechnology business, employing leading entomologists and microbiologists to develop solutions to reduce pesticide use, and improve soil health and long-term sustainability in agriculture.

Dudutech is part of the Flamingo Horticulture Group. We develop Integrated Pest Management solutions for our own farming operations across the world and it is this heritage which makes Dudutech unique. As farmers, we believe that successful pest control is more than products; it is a philosophy of growing that is supported by a number of crop management techniques, physical interventions and biological control. Central to this is a ´prevention mentality´ as opposed to treatment of pest and disease with agrichemicals.

Today, Dudutech has the largest biological production facility in sub-Saharan Africa, employing, over 250 full time staff among them experienced agronomists, PHD, masters, degree and diploma level scientists. Dudutech has invested in a 15 ha production facility, two indoor insectaries and a state-of-the-art microbial production unit. We have offices in Kenya, Netherlands, the UK, South Africa, and distribution partnerships in USA and Zimbabwe with an aim to enter markets in Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador and Mexico.

Website: www.dudutech.com

Kingfisher Farm,
Moi South lake Road,
Naivasha, Kenya
P.O. Box 1927-20117,
Naivasha, Kenya

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