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About Dragon Fire Appliances Ltd ...

Since Dragon Fire Appliances Ltd was registered in 1985, it has grown to become one of the leading fire fighting companies in Kenya.

The company´s core business focuses on supply, installation and after sales services with our highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers for fire fighting products ranging from basic fire extinguishers to highly sophisticated fire engines. The company provides total fire protection solutions to residential buildings, commercial complexes, telecommunication centers, industrial and airport installations.

The company is renowned for providing superb quality and assuring the timely performance of its products at all times. With simple yet effective fire extinguishers of all sizes, fire cabinets, heavy duty fire hoses among other equipment, Dragon has dedicated itself to the science of fire fighting.

Moreover, Dragon has diversified from the passive fire protection arena and is now one of the specialists in the field of automation and control of all types of fire alarm and security systems.

Motivated by our slogan "we strive to be leaders in Kenya and beyond in providing comprehensive and reliable fire protection solutions to make the world a safer place to live in".

Our products include: Equipments - Hose Reel Equipment; Hydrant Equipment; Wet & Dry Riser; Foam Station; CO2.E On Trolley and Appliances - Water & Foam Nozzles; Adaptors, Couplings; Fire Extinguishers; BS EH3 Fire Extinguisher; CO2 Extinguishing System; CO2 System Components; etc

Dragon Fire Appliances Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.dragonfire.co.ke

PO Box 6058-00300, Ronald Ngala Street, Nairobi, Kenya


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Dragon Fire Appliances Ltd business areas:

Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Commercial Services and Supplies \ Security and Alarm Services

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