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About City Farming Ltd ...

City Farming Ltd is a Kenyan owned company pursuing the importation, manufacture and distribution of agrochemicals and nutritional products to the agriculture sector in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

We manufacture plant nutrition products and fertilizers, with the highest quality and effectiveness. We have innovative products that allow optimizing quality and yield in crops.

At City Farming Ltd, we share in the global responsibility of protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations.

City Farming Ltd,s products portfolio includes:
• Soil Water Management
• Calcium Liquid Fertilizer
• Hormones Series
• Stimgro Series
• Liquid Suspension Concentrates
• Fluvic Acid Series
• Seaweed Extracts Series
• Amino Acid Series
• Humic Acid Series

City Farming Ltd Contact Details:


Nanyuki Road, Off Mogadishu Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya

P.O Box 3633-00200,
Nairobi, Kenya



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