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Citi Aqua Ltd


About Citi Aqua Ltd ...

Citi Aqua Ltd is a Domestic and Industrial water supply company, here to give you solutions to your water needs.

Citi Aqua is a Nairobi based private water company. We supply clean water for domestic and industrial use, on contract or emergency basis. We also clean both industrial and domestic tanks. Our company is dedicated to offering the best possible solution to emergency water supply cases. Established in 2010, Citi Aqua has risen from supplying water in a 3000 L tanker to a total of 28,000L tankers. This is because we were able to acquire and keep customers who were always ready to recommend our services.

Citi Aqua has been able to participate in corporate social responsibility, where we supply water for free in a disaster stricken areas; for instance we supplied water to Red Cross when they had a blood donation exercise at Uhuru Park. We have also participated in firefighting in various areas within our reach.

Citi Aqua Ltd services include:
• Tank Cleaning
• Domestic Emergency Supply
• Industrial and Construction Water Supply

Citi Aqua Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.citiaqua.co.ke

Baricho Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya


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