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Aquva Agencies Ltd

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Aquva Agencies Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Aquva Agencies Ltd are hardware stockists and suppliers dealing in All Types Of Hardware & Tools; Engineering & Industrial Equipment; Industrial Bearings; Wire Rope; Metallic Flexible Tubing & Hoses; Chains; Safety Equipment; Automobile & Tractor Equipment & Spares; Including Fiat & Mercedes Truck Spares; etc

Aquva Agencies Ltd products include:

Jacks & Lifting Gear:
Trolley & Heavy Duty (Air) Jacks, Fork Lift / Tractor & Super High Lift Jacks, High Lift RatchetJacks, Bottle & Scissor Jacks, Axle Stands, Transmission Jacks, Hydraulic Jacking Beams, Universal Engine supports, Folding / Industrial Cranes, Load Sling Adjusters, Hoists and Winches. Chain Blocks, Lifting Straps, Car Lifts, Bike Carriers & Stands.

Oil drain pans, Air grease guns, High pressure grease guns, side lever grease guns, Oil suction syringes, Oil cans,

Pneumatic / Emergency fuel drainers, Gravity feed oil drainers, Gravity & suction feed extractors, Fluid transfer pumps, Fluid meters, Jugs & Funnels.

Garage & Workshop Equipment:
Pipe Benders, Pipe Threading Set, Pipe Wrenches, Flaring Kits, Tube Cutters, Presses, Shot Blasters, Cleaning Tanks, Degreasing Solvents, Parts Cleaning Brushes, Creepers, Battery Chargers.

Recovery & Towing Equipment:
Mobile Power Systems, Booster Cables, Power Winches, Tow Ropes, Tow Poles, Hand Power Pullers, Tie Downs, Trailer Boards, Magnetic Signs, Tow Plugs & Sockets, Lighting Sets, Reflex Reflectors, Steps, Mudguards, Rotating Amber Beacons.

Heating, Lighting & Power Accessories:
Electric Heaters, Paraffin Heater, Propane Space Heaters, Flood Lights, Lantern and Flash Lights, Rechargeable Lamps, Inspection Lamps, PIR Sensors, Cable Reels, Power Generators, Extension Cables, Transformers, Industrial Sockets.

Vehicles Service Tools:
Engine Setting & Locking Tools, Compression Gauges, Engine System analyzers, Plug & Engine tools, Oil Service / Brake Service Tools, Brake & Brake Hose Tools, Cooling System Analyzers, Thread & Bearing Tools, Steering & Exhaust Tools, Suspension Tools, Tyre Inflators, Tyre Gauges, Tyre & Alignment Workshop Tools, Specialized Socketry, TRX - Star & Sets, Clutch & Carb Tools, Electrical Test Probes, Timing Lights, Battery Testers, Hydraulic Pullers, Slide Hammers, Mechanical Pullers, Gear & Bolt Pullers, Beam Setter, Trim Tools, Wind Screen Tools.

Hand Tools:
Ratchet Wrenches, Fixed / Ring / Box Spanners, Nut Torque & T-Bar Wrenches, Socket Sets, Impact Sockets, Extension Bars, TRX STAR / SPLINE / HEX Key Sets, Bits, Screw Drivers, Pliers, Inspection / Engineers Tools, Pick up Tools, Hammers, Punches, Combination Spanners, Specialized / Adjustable Wrenches, Hand Riveters, Sheet Tools, Sealant Guns, Body-Shop / Metal Working Tools, File & Stand Extractors, Chisels, Wire Brushes, Tap & Die Sets, Micrometers, Calipers, Measuring Tapes, Rules, Crow Bars, Crimping Tools, Wire Strippers, Cable Ties, Soldering tools, Multi Meters, Engravers, Staplers, Glue Guns.

Storage & Benches:
Racking systems, Tool Boxes & Cases, Work Benches, Wall Panels, Parts Storage, Wall Systems & Storage, Tool Hooks, Folding Work Benches & Work Bench Table Clamps.

Machine Shops:
Power Band and Hacksaws, Cut-off Saws, Pillar Drills, Milling Machines, Metal Cutting, Shears, Engineering Vices, Bench Grinders, Buffers.

Wood Working Tools:
Scotch Eye Augur Bits, Chisels, Hole Saws, Augur Bit Sets, Hand Drills, Band saws, Disc Sanders, Mortising Chisels, Table Saws, Scroll Saws, Dust & Chip Extractors, Wood Lathes, Lathe Accessories, Mitre / Compound Mitre Saws, Sash Clamps, G-clamps, Wood Working Bench Vices, Contour Gauges.

Country profiles: Kenya (Head Office), Uganda

Website: www.aquvaagencies.com

Kayaba Road, off Enterprise Road, (Behind Fire Station), Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya
P.O. Box 44067-00100 G.P.O.
Nairobi, Kenya

Contact Details:
+254-20-6530711 / 6530767
+254-2612482 / 3
+254-20-6532078 / 650352

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