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Inception of Anza Equipment Ltd started in mid 2005 and have developed our business showing tremendous growth in the market. Anza Equipment Ltd prides itself in providing a quality product that is the benchmark in the industry with competitive rates and service. This sales strategy of placing Anza Equipment Ltd's customers first has enabled us to make in roads into a conservative market.

Anza Equipment Ltd has world class manufacturers as our suppliers which enable us to provide reliable, consistent and quality products to our clients. We have an efficient supply system and can enable you to reduce inventory stocks by applying a Just In Time supply chain. We are committed to being a partner to your esteemed company.

Anza Equipment Ltd is committed to offering quality products, providing continuous and responsive customer service and ensuring on–time delivery to our clients.

Anza Equipment Ltd is focused in providing the key products and services in this industry to enable our clients to cut their costs, improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Anza Equipment Ltd's local presence allows us to quickly and efficiently meet our client's needs and offer continuous support. Anza Equipment Ltd's network of ISO certified manufacturers allows us to fulfill all your requirements with minimal cost and maximum quality.

At Anza Equipment Ltd, our mission is to be the regional industry leader and standard by being innovative in offering quality products, responsive customer service, on–time delivery and competitive pricing to our clients.

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1st Floor, Suite 2, Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya
P.O. Box 17758-00500,
Nairobi, Kenya


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Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Construction and Engineering \ Construction and Engineering
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Machinery \ Construction Machinery and Heavy Trucks
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Machinery \ Agricultural and Farm Machinery
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Machinery \ Industrial Machinery
Industrials \ Capital Goods \ Trading Companies and Distributors \ Trading Companies and Distributors
Industrials \ Commercial and Professional Services \ Commercial Services and Supplies \ Diversified Support Services

Easy Price Book Kenya
Easy Price Book Kenya