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Akkad Systems Ltd

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Akkad Systems Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

Akkad Systems Ltd is a leading Turnkey Security Solutions provider in the East and Central Africa with over 20 branches and over 500 employees worldwide. The main security focus of Akkad Systems Ltd include but are not limited to: National Defence, Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, Industrial and Commercial Security, Shopping Malls Security, Transport and Aviation Security, Counter Terrorism Solutions, Security Design, Security Integration, etc.

Akkad Systems Ltd specializes in providing high-end ICT services for countries in East and Central Africa and international organizations by utilizing its extensive experience and network of global partners. In addition to the advanced security solutions herein, Akkad Systems Ltd specializes in offering a wide variety of innovative ICT-based solutions, including: Smart City Systems; Intelligent Transportation (ITS), Fleet Management, Smart Utilities, GIS, Health Care, Education, Customs Management (ISW), National Registration Systems, e-Government, e-Services, e-Payment and Electronic Revenue Collection, Service Centers and Clearance Houses, Data Mining, Archiving and Business Intelligence and counterfeit solution among others. Akkad Systems Ltd provides the most advanced surveillance cameras and intelligent Video Management Systems from the industry´s leading companies.

Website: www.akkad.co.ke

P.O Box 64690-00620,
Nairobi, Kenya

Contact Details:

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