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AfriSpice Ltd is an company based in Nairobi, Kenya and offers the following products:

• Jo's Farm Fresh - We farm and package farm produce with an aim of lengthening the shelf life of these produce while retaining their natural flavor and nutritional value. We are currently packaging Tomato and Chili Purees under the brand name Jo's. We are KEBS certified and our products are already in stock in the market. All product design are driven by authenticity and value for money. Our customers pride in getting genuine products with no additives or preservatives. Our business also promotes foods security by acquiring the surplus farm produce during seasons of plenty and adding value to lengthening the shelf life so as to avail the same during seasons of scarcity.

• Surgical Masks - In response to the current global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic Afrispice has partnered with other stakeholders and joined the frontline in producing 3-ply, type-5 medical masks. We provide Standard medical masks (Type 5 Masks) that are made from fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by heat. Our masks have three layers of fabric (3-ply) in accordance with legal requirements. These layers comprise an outer layer, a filter layer and an absorption layer in that order. All three layers shall be pleated horizontally with three pleats of finished depth 15 mm and at the front of the mask. The binding of the three layers is ultrasonically sealed.


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