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3 Continents Ltd

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3 Continents Ltd - Easy Price Book Kenya

3 continents is a company committed to business activities in a wide range of industries in East Africa. Its core competence is its Integrated Corporate Strength.

3 continents possesses a strong business foundation, which is comprised of integrity, network, relations, and intellectual capital, as well as Construction, Engineering, Architecture.

Our core competence, Integrated Corporate Strength, enables us to strategically and organically integrate this business foundation with diverse functions to meet the needs of our customers, while creating new value by anticipating change and transcending existing frameworks.

The construction industry in the developing countries, together with major global economies and most of the worlds´ developing nations is considered a prime business sector. However, construction and engineering companies are subjected to substantial competition during the course of their own company´s new business development. Of course, all companies will promote their own interpretation of dynamic strategies and professional abilities while endeavoring to demonstrate their capability and prowess. In this respect, their main objective is to demonstrate specify quality, new technologies and the most economic systems to the end user!!

3 continents apply a fundamental and, in our opinion, most important professional approach to our potential clients; we serve all applicable projects with due consideration of the countries cultural heritage, historical and economic developments.

Each country is our home and by cooperating with local firms, we are able to exchange our technologies and know-how.

Our first principle is to provide a high quality service and use FIDIC rules in all project implementations.

Website: www.3conts.com

P.O Box 22568-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Contact Details:
+254 743155841

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