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About SAMJUNG Industries Company Ltd ...

As a representative Korean exporter, Samjung lives up to its national pride.

Since the establishment in January 1992, Samjung has always put customers´ benefit and convenience as priority. Our major products are Steel pallets for block making machines and related quality management machines including Board Cleaner.

In addition, our Steel Logistic Pallets are customized on requirements which have been contributing to the innovation of logistic industry.

Samjung will continue to research and develop value-added products for customers´ benefit. We understand our partners´ prosperity as our own. We shall share our partners´ journey of growth.

Samjung´s people keep in mind heavy responsibility for in-time production and maintaining top quality. We put full efort for customer´s satisfaction. Samjung stay steady in dynamic industry environment, and we promise for the best customer experience.

Thank you.

Our products include:

Samjung WowBoard
WowBoard steel pallet is used for high density brick and block production. Surface of the pallet is specklessly smooth and leveled, and it yields excellent vibration transmission.

WowBoard Alpha
WowBoard Alpha is light weighted but strong and excellent in vibration transmission. It is highly recommended for large block manufacturing.

Board Cleaner
Most needed product for board maintenance, longevity extension and block quality enhancement.

Washing out device
Adds quality to natural beauty of concrete product surface.

Steel Logistics Pallet
Possess of Pallet volume minimizing technology
Technologies with support of Structural dynamics: Light-weighted and Strong support in navigable environment
New product that overcome shortcomings of steel pallet in process of mass production
Independent Oversea sales department manage worldwide direct trading
Customizable design to buyers´ specific needs

SAMJUNG Industries Company Ltd Contact Details:

Website: www.samjungltd.com

187, Yongsan-gil, Cheongha-myeon, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

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South Korea

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