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About I.VAR INDUSTRY S.r.l. ...

I.VAR INDUSTRY S.r.l. produces boilers (industrial and civil) and steam generators of various potentiality and tipology, made in order to respect the enviroment and focus on energy saving, capable to satisfy every need, because every product can be personalized on costumer request.

I.VAR INDUSTRY S.r.l. build pressurized boilers for heating that work in condensation with a power range from 110 kW to 641,3 kW, boiler in steel with a power range from 22,5 kW to 10.560 kW, steam generators (at high and low working pressure) with a steam production from 140 kg/h to 12.000 kg/h, pressurized boilers for superheated water with a power range from 140 kW to 2.907 kW, wood boiler for heating with power range from 29 kW to 65 kW. These equipment are used in heating plant or in production processes. The wide range of products, technologically advanced, of high quality and proved reliability, makes of I.VAR INDUSTRY S.r.l. one of the most qualified boiler manufacturers.

I.VAR. Industy S.r.l. also offers RENTAL SERVICE and the construction of plants, "turnkey".

Our technical department is at your disposal for clarifications.

I.VAR INDUSTRY S.r.l. Contact Details:

Website: www.ivarindustry.it

Via San Pierino, 4 Z.A.I.

37060 Trevenzuolo VR, Italy

Contact Details:

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