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Guard Industrie: the final touch to buildings and houses.

At Guard Industrie, we make ecological and innovative products to preserve houses and buildings´ beauty and heritage.

Our large range of products allows us to connect with a variety of clients, whether they´re individuals or professionals: handymen doing landscaping or interior redesign, craftsperson, architects, manufacturers but also stone, concrete and construction materials industrials...

We have been experts in the care of materials for almost 30 years. Limestone rock, marble, granite, slate, tile, concrete, cement, tiling, bricks, terracotta...We´ve unlocked the secrets to cleaning and protecting mineral surfaces.

With our four product categories of Protection; Decoration and Protection; Treatment and Hardening; Cleaner and Stripper, we can offer a complete range of solutions for protecting, decorating, consolidating and cleaning materials. The categories are easy-o-identify with a simple colour code for each type of use.

Guard Industrie is a family business with a high growth. Selected by KPMG among France´s five most innovative small companies, we are the French leaders of materials protection from water infiltration, soiling and graffitis. Our numerous patents and innovative and ecological products allow us to export in 60 countries through distributors or subsidiaries.

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7 rue Gutenberg, 93108 Montreuil Cedex, France

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