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About Feal Seam Srl ...

For the past 30 years our passion has been innovation, quality, customer care to meet customer requirements with our range of: REINFORCEMENT BAR BENDING AND BAR CUTTING MACHINES FOR BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS.

The reasons of our success:

Wide range of models
Complete set of fittings
Excellent ratio quality/price
Rugged construction
High performances
Easiness of use
Made in Italy

Our products: Bar cutting machines, Portable cutters and benders; Bar bending machines; Combined cutting-bending machines; Stirrups bending machines; Spirals machines; Cutting carriages; etc

Feal Seam Srl Contact Details:

Website: www.feal-seam.it

Via Dell´Isola, 1/a 23900 Lecco, Italy

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