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Dogumak Trailer Pressure Tank Industry Company


About Dogumak Trailer Pressure Tank Industry Company ...

Dogumak Trailer Pressure Tank Industry Company has started in 2003. Its activities started with the production of LPG transportation and storage tanks on its site, and in a short time it has reached a leading position in the manufacturing of pressure vessels and industrial filling facilities.

Our company produces LPG semi trailer and various special projects besides LPG Filling Facilities, Ammonia Transport and Storage Tanks. Product range has been developing with Innovative solutions and continues LNG and LCO2 business.

DOGUMAK; It has registered its quality with ISO-9001: 2015 and TUV with its new factory in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep. Our company, which has increased its production capacity and passed the complete production system production system and DOGUMAK is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand.

DOGUMAK Inc. was founded to Full Customer Satisfaction, After-sales service and spare parts guarantee and flexible manufacturing capacity with a significant market our company being in service Turkey and the world; Exports to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Elephant, South Africa, Amman, UAE continues.

All of our employees are trained and certified in the field. Our products are certified by TUV. DOGUMAK AS; Production and design according to ISO 3834-2, ISO 9001: 2015, API 650, API 1104, TPED, ADR, TSE, ASME CODE CE standards.

Dogumak Trailer Pressure Tank Industry Company Contact Details:

Website: www.dogumak.com.tr

5. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 83561 nolu cadde. No:16 Gaziantep/TURKEY

Contact Details:
+90 (342) 513 08 78
+90 (342) 513 08 79

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