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CARFED SA is a Swiss-Italian group worldwide leader in live bird plastic crates and in general, in plastic products for chickens, turkeys, ducks and pigs.

CARFED SA offers top quality equipments at very affordable rates exporting to over 98 countries by means of relevant and high technology production facilities, efficient and modern tools, professional knowledge, strong organization, wide and distributors network.

All our trays are made of high density polyethylene U.V. rays resistant and for use in a range of temperature from - 40°C to + 120°C. All trays are suitable for alimentary use.

Our products include: Poultry transportation; Plastics piglets and pigs slats; Poultry farms; Processing plants; Trays for industry; Collapsible poultry/turkey baskets and frames; etc

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6830 Chiasso, Switzerland

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