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Maker Industries Ghana Ltd (MIG) was established in 2013. Maker Industries Ghana Ltd (MIG) is the parent company of Native Organics – manufacturers of organic skin and hair products such as the Native Bodywash (AloeVera. Lemon. Unscented), Native Blacksoap – with tea (AloeVera. Lemon. Unscented), Native Charcoal Soap, Sheabutter (AloeVera. Lemon. Cocoa. Unscented) and Native Turmeric Soap. Our brand focuses on the health and medicinal values of products coupled with sound social responsibilities and communications.

As a company, Maker Industries Ghana Ltd (MIG) is committed to encouraging the healthy lifestyle and wellness of our customers through our products and initiatives. We remain determined to put a premium on the consumers´ well-being. Our model, views business as a tool for positive change and not the conventional notion of profit making. Our doctrine seeks to emphasize traditional African business values that make profit a by-product of good service and/or good delivered. Therefore patronizing products by Maker Industries Ghana Ltd (MIG) i.e. Native Organics, is an endorsement of our products´ quality and our business beliefs simultaneously.

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Wulomo Shipi Sika Street, Ga East. GE371. Achimota, Accra, Ghana


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