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Al-Mehdi Industries Plc (AMI Plc), a vertically integrated Apparel Company is among Ethiopia´s fastest growing Companies, It is also one of the country´s most attractive propositions for three of its most exciting products viz., Readymade Knitted Apparel, Polyester Circular Knitted Fabric and Polyester Tricot (Warp) Knitted Fabric.

Al-Mehdi Industries Plc a Private Limited Company established in 2004. The Factory is situated at Dukem Industrial Zone to manufacture Warp/Tricot, Rachel and Circular Knit Fabrics and Garments. Initially fabrics were produced as import substitute but now realizing Ethiopia´s potentials for export to Europe and USA. Al-Mehdi Industries Plc adopts new technologies and is well equipped to face the challenges in textile and apparel regime. Al-Mehdi Industries Plc assures customers of quality, consistency and dependable delivery schedules at competitive prices.

We are the 1st in Ethiopia to have a modern Waste Water Treatment Plant to meet standards set by Ethiopian Environment Protection Authority. Huge water reservoirs of about 1.7 Million Litters have been constructed using water proofing chemicals and paints specially for this purpose.

Total Production Capacity of all type of Knitted Fabrics is 140,000 Kgs per month. We employ almost 425 workers.

Al-Mehdi Industries Plc has in-house modern Dyeing Laboratory, to ensure quality control and close shade matching. Our setup includes lab dip dyeing machines, automatic dispenser, DATA COLOR spectrophotometer and other fabric´s technical parameters testing equipments, which help us identifying correct color recipes and maintaining the same shade over a number of dye-lots.

Our main products include:

Warp Knitted Mesh (Tricot and Rachel)
Warp Knitted Dazzle.
Circular Knitted fabrics made of Polyester, Cotton and blends.
100% Polyester Moisture Wicking Treated Fabrics.
Sport Wear and Casual Garments.

Our products for the local market include:

SicssorTex brand Traditional Warp Knitted Mesh Fabric (BLACK TULLE).
LionTex brand Traditional Warp Knitted Mesh Fabric in various Designs (LACE FABRICS).
100% Polyester Ladies Material (100% Polyester Interlock)
Various Kind of Warp and Circular Knitted Fabrics to manufacture Sports Wear and Garments.

Our products for Export to USA and Europe include:

Various kinds of Warp and Circular Knitted fabrics for Indirect Export.
Various Sports Wear and Casual Garments for Export.
We are interested in buying:

1) 100% Polyester Filament and Textured Yarn in various deniers.
2) 100% Polyester Spun Yarn in various counts.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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