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Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Ethiopia) Ltd are Experts for Technical & Electronical Supply and Water Solutions.

Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Ethiopia) Ltd was founded in 1952 and is contributing to the Ethiopian infrastructure since many decades by supplying technical equipment needed in the Health Sector, in Research Areas and in the Field of Education.

The supply of high technical Geodetic instruments and the installation, training and after-sale-service has brought about througout the last decades a highly specialized workshop and intensive training facility on these sophisticated instruments.

Together with the Jos. Hansen Group, headquartered in Hamburg Germany, Water Treatment - Supply and Sewage - Plants are being developed, constructed and handed over on a turnkey basis.

Country profiles: Jos. Hansen & Soehne (East Africa) Ltd in Kenya, Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Tanzania) Ltd in Tanzania, Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Ethiopia) Ltd in Ethiopia, Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Nigeria) Ltd in Nigeria

Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Ethiopia) Ltd Contact Details:


Lideta Sub-City, Kebele 05 House No. 437, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

P.O Box 1501,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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