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Cruhts Impex Plc is the leading water supply and irrigation material supplier in Ethiopia.

Cruhts Impex Plc was established in Ethiopia in 2009 by the owner Kirubel Fresenbet. Since then Cruhts Impex Plc has grown steadily in import business in Ethiopia building reputation on sourcing and supplying quality products throughout automotive, power, agricultural and water distribution equipment industries.

In 2016 it has expanded to Europe and established a sister company in The Netherlands.

Through the years the owner has seen the establishment and introduction of successful brands in Ethiopian markets such as Esen Plastik, Stone Cables, Antor Motors are some of the few.

Cruhts Impex Plc has supplied irrigation materials in Ethiopian market with high quality materials and affordable prices and has thus became a successful supplier in supplying All-in irrigation materials for more than 6,000 hectares in one irrigation project alone beating world renowned industry veterans.

At Cruhts Impex Plc, we supply customer tailored products without compromising product quality. We strive to achieve the perfect three way balance between customer satisfaction, product quality and price by creating quality awareness and introduction of new technologies as well as knowledge sharing and advancement with our clients. In General we don't just supply we integrate consulting with our supply.

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Piasa Melka Tower, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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