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Ammakesa Business Services (ABS) are solution and service providers of Print, Scan and Copy services for Large Formats [A3-A0] and Small Formats [A6-A3].

At Ammakesa Business Services (ABS), we organize, deliver and offer volume discounts.

Ammakesa Business Services (ABS) products and services include:
• Large Format [A3 - A0] Printing, Copying & Scanning:
Solutions - AutoCAD Printing/Plotting A3-A0; Copying of Blueprint Plans & Other Drawings; Scanning & Archiving of Drawings To Portable Media (CD/DVD/USB Flash); High Resolution Color Scan (up to A0); etc
Applications - Architectural Plans, Engineering Schematics, Construction Drawings; Surveys, High Definition Line Drawings; Maps, Presentations; etc
Finishing Options - Edge Tape Binding, Stapling, Folding, etc
• Small Format [A6 - A3] Printing, Copying & Scanning:
Solutions - High Speed/High Volume Copying/Printing; Technical Editing & Proof-Reading Services; Scanning & Archiving of Data/Documents to Portable Media (CD/DVD/USB Flash); etc
Applications - Reports, Manuals, Training Material, Newsletters, Booklets, Flyers; Bid Sets, Legal/Investor Packages; Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes; Invitation/Greeting Cards, Certificates; etc
Finishing Options - Ring and Thermal Binding

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22 Mazoria, H&M Building - 2nd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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