Easy Price Book Algeria
Easy Price Book Algeria

Algeria Electricity Expo 2021


One of the largest electricity exhibitions in North Africa region continues to grow. Be part of a unique event dedicated to the electricity, construction and building industry, heating-ventilating-air conditioning, and more. Use this platform to position your company among the foremost organizations in the global space sector and generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted brand and market leader! Do not miss the opportunity to be the part of the Algeria Electricity Expo 2021!

Algeria Electricity Expo 2021, organized by Elan Expo.

Website: www.electricityalgeria.com

Algeria Electricity Expo 2021 - Easy Price Book Algeria
Venue: Palais des Expositions / Safex Expo Center, Algiers, Algeria
Starts: 11/18/2021
Ends: 11/20/2021
Duration: 3 days
Status: Ended