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SODETRA is a globally represented cargo company with diversified interests in International Freight Forwarding and Logistics. The company strives to deliver the highest level of service and product offerings to its valued customers.

Established in 1990, SODETRA is one of the first locally and family owned freight forwarding company to serve Burundi and Southern Zaire (current D.R CONGO). Over the past 25 years, the company expanded to become one of the leading international freight forwarding, Customs clearing and project logistics management company delivering customized cost-effective and yet efficient solutions in the Great Lake region of Africa.

SODETRA offers unmatched personalized services through comprehensive and tailor-made logistics solutions. This is achieved by both, understanding customers´ exact objectives as well as the experience of our personnel with decades of experience in the Freight Forwarding, Logistics, and Transportation industries. Hence, our more consistence quality of services than any other service provider in the market.

Thanks to the unwavering client´s support and dedicated network of partners, the company has expanded to serve in several countries across the globe with its own offices manned by over 150 employees.

SODETRA strive to continue delivering top quality, seamless, and highly personalized levels of service in meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers spread across various customer segments.

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236 Avenue des Usines
Lubumbashi, Katanga, DR Congo

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