A-OSH Expo Botswana 2021


Where Botswana´s Occupational Health And Safety Starts - The A-OSH Expo Botswana 2021 !

With Botswana´s growth, comes a growing need for Occupational Safety and Health awareness and implementation. It´s becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure the uncompromised health, safety and well-being of employees in the workplace - for economic reasons, as well as to promote good company values.

The A-OSH Expo Botswana 2021 will be colocated with the Electra Mining Botswana 2021.

A-OSH Expo Botswana 2021, organized by Montgomery Group Specialised Exhibitions.

Website: www.electramining.co.bw/

A-OSH Expo Botswana 2021 - Easy Price Book Botswana
Venue: Gaborone Fairgrounds, Gaborone, Botswana
Starts: 09/14/2021
Ends: 09/16/2021
Duration: 3 days
Status: Ended
Easy Price Book Botswana
Easy Price Book Botswana