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Alchem is a Leading Pharmaceutical Distribution Company In Burundi since 1985. Alchem is the only pharmaceutical company that is ISO Certified in Burundi.

Some of the Alchem divisions are:

Human Pharmaceuticals:
In line with our Mission our range varies from brands from world renowned manufacturers like GSK, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis, Roche and Alcon. From general medicine to the most specialized vaccines, we hold the biggest range of Human Pharmaceuticals in Burundi.

Veterinary Medicines:
To enhance the quality of livestock, poultry and domesticated animals we have quality veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines. We are exclusive representatives of CEVA, LAPROVET, KEPRO, BRILLIANT and distribute a complete range of Animal Health products.

Agro Chemicals:
In completion of the "life" cycle, we ensure that we hold in stock a wide range of agrochemicals. We distribute the highest quality products to ensure the ultimate protection for your crops. Penncozeb, from the world leading manufacturer of Mancozeb (UNITED PHOSPHORUS) is widely used throughout the country and the world and is the most used antifungal in BURUNDI.

Medical Equipment & Diagnostics:
Come by and visit our medical equipment and diagnostic show room. We hold in our stock quality equipment from Italy (Fazzini), France (FMM), Spain ( LABBOX) and India (ASCO). We have an extensive range from simple examination tables, we hold gynaecological equipement, Operating tables and intruments, and a wide range of hospital furniture.

Pool Chemicals:
We distribute HENKEL pool chemicals and equipment. With professional advice and training, we will ensure that your pool remains at its bluest! Stop by and try for yourself our SUPERCHLORINE, HIGH PH ADJUSTER, ALGICIDE, FLOCCULATOR and ANTI-STAIN and you will experience the difference of using QUALITY PRODUCTS.

Alchem Industries Contact Details:


13, Rue de la Victoire,
P.O. Box 2491
Bujumbura, Burundi

+257 22 22 7557
+257 22 22 2632
+257 22 22 295

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Easy Price Book Burundi
Easy Price Book Burundi